Words mean something.  Is that a news flash?  It’s obvious to me, but there are a lot of words whose current meaning would be incomprehensible to someone in 1970.  Take the word “gay.”  It used to mean happy.  Now, kids giggle when they hear a Christmas carol using the word.  How about the word “geek?”  It used to mean freak – as in carnival freak show.  Now, we use it affectionately for those who like technology, games, comics, etc.  The kids we teased in 1975 for their geekiness have taken over.

We used to have to hide our interest in what others found weird.  Now, we can revel in it.  Geek companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple dominate the business world.  Dungeons & Dragons and Magic, The Gathering are no longer games played while hiding in mom’s basement.  Movies and TV shows based on comics (now called graphic novels) are all the rage.  We are no longer embarrassed to admit a devotion to DC or Marvel.  In fact, we argue the merits of our fandom with virtual strangers.

Geeks are an accepting bunch.  We will forgive you if your particular brand of geekiness isn’t the same as ours … even if we don’t get it.  I happen to be a fan of post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy books, movies, tv shows, etc.  This includes zombies, vampires, aliens … pick your monster.  I also have an adolescent boy’s taste in entertainment.  I love campy sci-fi movies.  The rest of my family scratches their heads about it, but they will watch the movies with me and we’ll make fun of them together.

Geeks rule the modern world!  What a great time to be alive!